What Kind of Toothbrushes Do Dentists Recommend?

Posted on: 26 July 2021

Everyone knows that it is important to brush their teeth every day, but does it matter what kind of toothbrush you use? Read on to find out about the various options and how they compare in terms of their ability to keep your teeth clean.

Should You Use a Manual or Electric Toothbrush?

People have used manual toothbrushes for centuries to keep their teeth clean. Today, you have an alternative in the form of an electric brush. With an electric toothbrush, there is no need to scrub your teeth. Instead, all you need to do is hold the bristles gently against your teeth and let the rotating brush head do the work.

Both electric and manual toothbrushes can help to keep teeth clean. However, dentists often recommend electric toothbrushes to people who are struggling to get a good clean with a manual brush. Electric toothbrush heads rotate much more quickly than it is possible for a human to scrub their teeth, which means that they can result in a superior quality of clean.

What Kind of Toothbrush Head Should You Use?

If you use an electric toothbrush, you might have noticed that there are a range of different toothbrush heads available to fit onto the handle. Some toothbrush heads are described as "sensitive," while others offer "floss action" or even "orthodontic clean."

For most people, regular toothbrush heads are all you need. However, if you have sensitive teeth or fixed braces, you might find it helpful to use a type of brush head that has been specifically designed to meet your needs. Floss action brush heads are particularly useful for people who find it difficult to clean between their teeth, although ideally they should be used as an addition to flossing, not as an alternative.

No matter what kind of brush head you use, it is important not to press it too firmly against your teeth. Being more forceful does not result in a better clean.

How Often Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

You should regularly change your toothbrush or electric toothbrush head to ensure that you get a good clean every day. You'll know that it is time for a change when the bristles of your toothbrush head start to look splayed and untidy. Some brushes also have indicator bristles that change colour to let you know that you need a new brush. You can also set a reminder in your calendar app to remind you to change your brush on time.

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