• 4 Signs You Need to Replace a Veneer

    While dental veneers last a long time, they don't always last forever. How can you tell if you might need to replace one of your veneers? 1. The Veneer Feels Loose Veneer shells are securely fixed to teeth with a special cement. They shouldn't move or feel loose. If one of your veneers seems looser than it was, then you might need to have it reattached or replaced. For example, if its cement has worn away, then it can't hold the shell firmly on your tooth.
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  • Does a Ruptured Dental Abscess Need Emergency Treatment?

    If you noted the telltale swelling of a dental abscess, you likely regret not going to your dentist sooner. Perhaps you assumed that this infection wasn't especially serious, due to a lack of noticeable discomfort. How quickly things can change. A dental abscess can become excruciatingly painful, with considerable speed. You might have been planning to visit an emergency dentist but, as is often the case, the abscess ruptured by itself, which may have eliminated or reduced your discomfort.
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  • What Is Keratinised Tissue, and How Does It Affect Your New Dental Implant?

    Dental implants need several factors to be successful. Perhaps the two most important components are a healthy jawbone of adequate density to permit implantation and a patient who is willing to follow their dentist's aftercare instructions to ensure the stability and general health of the implant. It might be frustrating if you've been diligently following your dentist's instructions to the letter, but your implant still feels uncomfortable and even a little sore at times.
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