Three Guidelines for Getting Good Results from Your Overdue Dental Appointment

Posted on: 16 November 2022
If you have been overlooking your oral health, you should consider setting up an appointment with a qualified dentist. Often, people ignore the need for a dental check-up until problems such as cavities, gum disease or injuries occur. Unfortunately, the lack of regular medical assessment can lead to the escalation of minor issues. For instance, minor gingivitis could turn into periodontitis if the disease is not detected early. Therefore, plan for your long overdue dental check-up as soon as possible.
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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Invisalign Aligners

Posted on: 8 September 2022
Choosing the Invisalign treatment plan likely came to you after a lot of consideration. You likely looked at the pros and cons of the aligners. You also talked to your dentist to determine if this type of dental treatment was right for you. Of all the research you did, one of the main topics you may have overlooked was how to clean and maintain the aligners properly. Here are some of the key tips for cleaning and maintaining your aligners and maintaining your oral health as well.
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It's Not Just The Teeth: 4 More Reasons To See Your Dentist

Posted on: 13 July 2022
If you're like most people, you think that dentists are for dental issues. Some of those issues include cavities and toothaches. Preventative dental care is another reason to visit the dentist. Those are good reasons to see a dentist. But, there are other reasons to see a dentist. You might not realise this, but your dentist can take care of oral issues that don't relate to your teeth. Read the list provided below.
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4 Signs You Need to Replace a Veneer

Posted on: 12 May 2022
While dental veneers last a long time, they don't always last forever. How can you tell if you might need to replace one of your veneers? 1. The Veneer Feels Loose Veneer shells are securely fixed to teeth with a special cement. They shouldn't move or feel loose. If one of your veneers seems looser than it was, then you might need to have it reattached or replaced. For example, if its cement has worn away, then it can't hold the shell firmly on your tooth.
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