Are you delaying dental treatment because of the cost?

Posted on: 24 June 2021

When was the last time that you took a trip to the dentist? Most people understand the importance of taking care of their teeth, but visiting the dentist can be put off for many reasons. Some people associate dental work with discomfort or pain. However, modern dentistry is patient-oriented. Dentists working hard to minimize any discomfort and ensure patients remain relaxed throughout their visit. Other people delay making a dental appointment because they fear the costs that could be involved in dental treatment. Sometimes, they won't make an appointment until they notice there is a problem, such as a persistent toothache that requires attention. If the prospect of high bills makes you reluctant to see a dentist, look for a surgery that offers gap-free dental work. It's better to have your teeth checked regularly so those problems are caught early, rather than waiting for the situation to deteriorate so that more work is needed.

What does 'gap-free' mean?

If like many people, you have health insurance that pays a full benefit for preventative and general dental treatment, you will be aware that there is frequently a gap between the cost of your treatment and the rebate provided by the insurance company. This funding gap can sometimes lead to unexpected bills for patients. By using a gap-free dental service, you can make substantial savings. A gap-free dental service will not charge you more than the insurance rebate amount, so you can visit the dentist without worrying about the cost.

What treatments are 'gap-free'?

Gap-free dental treatment will cover a large selection of treatments. You should expect to find check-ups covered, along with scale and cleans, fluoride treatments, x-rays and fillings. You may also find that a no-gap dental service will be happy to produce a custom mouthguard to keep your teeth protected if you want to engage in contact sports.

Who qualifies for gap-free dental care?

If your policy covers you for dental treatment on the day you visit the office, you should be eligible for gap-free dental care. Just ensure you have your health fund card with you when you arrive. Naturally, there are a few conditions, such as not having already reached the health fund limit and being up to date with your fund premiums. If you have any concerns about your gap-free dental treatment, you should contact your healthcare provider to discuss your circumstances and find out if you are eligible for gap-free dental care.