What Factors Influence Your Teeth Whitening Results?

Posted on: 22 October 2019

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that's used by many to brighten teeth. It reduces the surface discolouration and appearance of stains on teeth. However, the results people get even after undergoing the same whitening procedure usually differ. This is because certain factors influence the whitening process. This post will share these factors so you understand why your final results turn out to be slightly different from the results others get.

Chosen application technique

There are numerous whitening methods you can consider, and each of them offers different results. This includes using mouthwashes, toothpaste, trays with gels, strips and pens. When you use strips, gels, and pens, you will get better results compared to toothpaste since the whitening products stay on the teeth surface for longer. However, none of these techniques beat the in-office teeth whitening procedures dentists offer. These procedures are customised depending on the teeth colour and condition, and that's the reason the whitening agents applied have different concentration levels.

Condition and colour of teeth

The colour and condition of your teeth before the teeth whitening procedure will have a significant impact on the results you get. If your teeth have a yellowish hue, the results will be better compared to someone whose teeth have a brown or grey tint. Often, one treatment isn't enough to provide the pearly white shade you want. Also, teeth with cavities and lots of plaque won't be whitened as easily as those that are plaque-free and clean. This is the reason that people are advised to clean their teeth before the teeth whitening procedure.

Ability to follow instructions

If you have chosen to use at-home whitening products, you need to follow the instructions to get good results. These techniques have different timelines and take longer. In-office whitening takes about an hour while the other techniques take weeks of daily application.

After whitening the teeth, you should also follow the after-treatment instructions your dentist provided or those indicated on the products you are using. You might be asked to avoid consuming red wine, coffee, black tea and other coloured foods for some time. You may also need to drop other lifestyle habits you are accustomed to like smoking or using other types of tobacco products since they stain the teeth.

With all these uncertainties regarding teeth whitening, it is advisable to get the service from the dentist. The expert will provide customised treatment and simple instructions to follow.