What to expect during a tooth extraction

Posted on: 18 November 2018

Most patients fear a trip to the dentist, but they know it is mandatory. Tooth extraction involves the removal of a tooth from its socket. A dentist or an oral surgeon does the procedure.

Reasons for tooth extraction 

There are many reasons that necessitate the removal of a tooth:

Crowded mouth

Overcrowding of teeth can also necessitate a tooth extraction in order to create space for teeth alignment.


Tooth decay can be dangerous especially if it extends to the blood vessels inside the teeth. Tooth decay can be treated through a root canal, but in case of severe infection, an extraction is necessary.

Gum disease

Gum disease results from an infection of the gums and bones around the teeth that cause teeth to loosen.

The process of tooth extraction

A tooth extraction is usually an easy procedure and requires an anesthesia in order to numb the gum for extraction. While anesthesia reduces most of the pain, a patient feels the force a bit.

In some cases, teeth can be difficult to extract due to the position, shape of the tooth and the depth of the roots. Many people fear dental extraction rather than other procedures such as tooth filling. If the roots hold a tooth deeply, extreme measures such as surgery may be used to cut the gum and remove the bone. In such a procedure, the gum is stitched back after the extraction.

After a tooth extraction, the dentist may use a gauze pad or bite pack to control the bleeding. The dentist advises against touching the area with the tongue or a finger so that it can heal quickly. The dentist can also prescribe you some painkillers for when the anesthesia wears off. The dentist can also recommend that you to avoid certain foods that may disturb the wound and you can also be advised to eat with a different side of your mouth till the wound heals.

The usual time for a wound to heal is around one to two weeks. In case of any complications such as severe pain, bleeding or fever, contact your local emergency dentist immediately.

Cost of a tooth extraction

Today it seems as if going to the dentist costs a small fortune as different dentist charge varied prices. The average cost of a tooth extraction is $185. If you have medical insurance, inquire with your provider if they cover teeth extraction.

For more information, contact your local emergency dentist today.