How to Care for False Teeth Effectively

Posted on: 7 March 2018

Although today's dentures are better looking and more reliable than ever before, you should care for them nonetheless. Lack of care with a set of false teeth can lead to several problems, such as them not fitting as well as they used to and issues of discolouration. In addition, denture wearers should be knowledgeable about how best they can maintain their false teeth so that their remaining teeth and gums remain in good working order. Follow the advice, outlined below, to keep your false teeth in mint condition and to avoid unnecessary denture repairs.

Handle Your False Teeth With Care

Although a set of dentures is designed to be durable in the mouth, they are not so strong outside of that environment. False teeth are good at biting and chewing but they are susceptible to fractures if they are placed under stress from directions for which they are not designed. Don't yank them out of your mouth, for example, when removing them for cleaning. When you do take them out, be careful not to drop them into the hand basin or onto the floor. Many false teeth get damaged this way. Although repairable, it is better to avoid the problem by cushioning the area you are standing in when taking them out, such as with a hand towel.

Brush False Teeth

Just because a denture is not alive, unlike a tooth, it does not mean you can avoid a regular brushing regime. Frequent brushing is required in order to prevent plaque from building up. This can be unsightly and it will also have a negative impact on any of the natural teeth you still have in place around the denture. Furthermore, plaque can lead to gum problems, so brushing at least once a day is highly advisable to prevent such build-ups. In addition, you should bear in mind that brushing false teeth, just like real ones, helps to prevent staining.

Keep Your False Teeth Moist

Moisture is essential for false teeth. If you take your dentures out and leave them on a shelf, then it will cause you problems when you try to put them back in. Overnight care for false teeth should include a soak in a specialist denture cleanser solution. It is imperative that you avoid hot water for your false teeth when they are not in your mouth because this can cause them to become misshapen. If they do become warped for some reason, then seek professional advice and never try to bend them back into position yourself.