All You Need to Know About Invisible Braces

Posted on: 28 July 2015

Some years ago, metal braces were the only type of braces available in dental clinics. However, due to advancement in clinical research and technology, different types of braces have been introduced, among which are invisible braces. Invisible braces, also known as Invisalign or incognito braces, are becoming popular due to their invisible property. Invisible braces have slowly erased the stigma associated with braces and other orthodontic appliances. Before going to your dentist for invisible braces, it is important to know how they are made and the benefits over other types of braces.

Material used

Invisible braces are basically a plastic tray, also known as an aligner. They are made of clear plastic or ceramic material that is durable and medically approved. Unlike other braces, they have no wires for tightening brackets to the teeth which causes discomfort in most patients. All materials used in making invisible braces can be customised depending on the patient's condition. However, they are 'invisible' and it will be difficult for other to notice them unless you pointed out that you are having orthodontic treatment.

Who can have invisible braces?

Not every dental alignment condition calls for use of invisible braces. Some of the conditions normally corrected by getting invisible braces include overly crowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, cross-bite, overbite, mild relapse and simple bite irregularities. Consult with a dentist like Dr Peter Vaughan Specialist Orthodontist to learn if you're a candidate for invisible braces.

Treatment plan

Invisible braces are customized and designed depending on the patient's condition, jaw size and desired style. Once you decide on getting invisible braces, the doctor examines your teeth and dental alignment. Impressions of your teeth are taken by the dentist through an X-ray or 3D imaging. They are taken to the laboratory where a cosmetic dentist custom designs a pair of invisible aligners. They are then fitted into your teeth. One may be required to wait for a short period for the braces to be made, after which treatment commences immediately.

Invisible braces can be worn for several months and up to one year depending on the dental condition being rectified. Invisible braces are removable but should be worn for longer periods to work best. The aligners must be removed during brushing and eating. New aligners are fabricated within the course of treatment to continually move the teeth to the desired direction.

Unlike other types of braces, invisible braces can be more expensive due to the expertise applied in making them. However, they have a natural feel, are removable and have no wires that tighten teeth and cause discomfort. What's more, they are aesthetically appealing since no one will notice you have them.