Cleaning & Caring for Your Dentures

Posted on: 27 April 2015

Keeping dentures clean is essential to your oral and general health. Depending on the type of dentures you have, whether partial or complete, the following cleaning and maintenance procedures are necessary.

Handle with care

You should wash your hands every time you are about to handle your dentures to avoid getting them dirty and risking an infection. You should also handle the dentures over a full sink of water in order to avoid breaking them in case you drop them. Dentures are quite pricy and a chip or crack might lead to the need for a replacement.

Daily denture cleaning

You should brush your dentures daily but you should avoid using toothpaste since it is abrasive and may leave scratches for bacterial to build up. Brushing daily helps to remove food and plaque buildup as well as prevent development of permanent stains. You can find brushes with soft bristles specifically designed for cleaning dentures. You can use hand soap and mild dishwashing liquid to clean your dentures on a regular basis. Make sure to rinse well after brushing. You should also rinse your dentures after meals. 


It is advisable to remove your dentures at night when sleeping. At any given time when you are not wearing your dentures, make sure to keep them moist. You can place it in water or a cleaning solution. Avoid putting the dentures in hot water because it will warp and this will affect the fit. In case the dentures have metal parts or attachments, avoid soaking them in these solutions as they might tarnish you can find out the best way to store such dentures from your dentist.

Monitor for changes in fit

Over time, the bones in your mouth change causing the fit of the dentures to change. If the dentures do not fit correctly, you might be in pain or develop sores on your gums. Make sure you get the dentures adjusted when the fitting does not feel right.

Keep your mouth clean

You also need to maintain good oral hygiene. You can use a moist soft cloth or soft brush to clean your gums. If you have partial dentures, you should maintain a daily brushing and flossing technique. You can also use oral rinses to get rid of bacterial that can cause infections. Maintain regular dentist visits, at least once every six months, so clinics like Pakington Dental Care can monitor your progress and how you are adjusting to the dentures.