Busting The Myths Surrounding Dentures

Posted on: 7 January 2015

Most people who have lost a god number of their teeth can attest to the fact that dentures are one of the best ways to get your pearly white smile back. However, there are many myths that shroud this dental treatment. As such, some patients tend to have skewed expectations when they go in to get dentures. This article will debunk a few of the myths to ensure that you are not doing yourself a disservice by being uninformed on what to expect.

Myth 1: Dentures do not need to be replaced

Granted, one of the big selling points when it comes to dentures is that they are a durable alternative. However, the fact that they are false teeth does not automatically mean that they will not need any maintenance and replacement over time. Since you will be using the dentures on a regular basis, they will not be immune from the natural wear and tear that comes with this. In addition, you need to clean and tend to them just as regularly as you would your normal teeth. To make the most of their shelf life, ensure you maintain a regular brushing protocol and store them in their special solution when not in use.

Myth 2: Dentures eliminate dental visits

A common misconception people have is that dental visits only pertain to teeth. To the contrary, oral health encompasses everything in your mouth from your jaws, oral tissue and tongue and so on. Thus, getting dentures does not mean that you have rid yourself of dental visits for the rest of your life. It is important to visit your dentist for routine checks as your oral tissues keep changing. Routine checkups ensure that your mouth remains disease-free and any abnormalities can be spotted before they develop into a serious health risk.

Myth 3: It will be obvious you are wearing dentures

The only way that this would be true is if you have neglected your dentures and let them spiral into a state of disrepair. Most people cannot tell if someone is wearing dentures if the dentures are well taken care of. However, you also need to ensure that they fit right. Dentures should not be loose, as this could not only hinder eating, but also could end up damaging your gums. In the event that your dentures keep shifting in place or if you experience trouble eating, it is pertinent to pay a visit to your dental practitioner to ensure the oral piece is properly situated.

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