How to Make Your Smile Photogenic

Posted on: 22 September 2016

Many of us Australians enjoy posting photos of each other these days. However, we can sometimes cringe at portraits of our smiles, especially when we have been captured in an unguarded moment. If you find yourself consistently unhappy with how you look in photos, this dissatisfaction probably comes down to a lack of confidence in your smile. Not smiling fully is often a result of how we think others view our teeth. To improve your look in photos, take the effort to broaden your smile and be confident with your mouth's appearance. Here are some tips to get you started with a more photogenic and radiant smile.

Practice Smiling

If you do something often enough, then it will become second nature. To improve your smile, spend a few minutes each morning to practice smiling widely. Do this without opening your lips, but try to make your grin reach from ear to ear. Once you have your smile as wide as you can make it, wiggle your nose in a rabbit-like manner and count to five. You should feel that your cheek muscles start to work, broadening your smile. Now you need to relax and start over again for about a dozen times. Just a few minutes spent practicing your smile like this will mean that when you do beam and expose your teeth for a photo, it will be done in a fulsome way, without holding back.

Improve Your Teeth

By regularly brushing your incisors with whitening toothpaste, your smile will start to dazzle within a few weeks. This is especially good if you are a smoker because tobacco can stain your front-facing teeth to no end. Secondly, invest is some teeth straightening technology. Dentists no longer have to fit invasive braces nowadays. Opt for Invisalign, which gradually straightens your teeth with a removable, clear aligner that you don't have to have in place all the time. Invisalign has already been used by 3 million people worldwide.

Drink Well

An important part of the appearance of your smile is the condition of your lips. Your lips are highly sensitive and can burn easily in the Australian sun. Keep them free from chapping by refraining from licking them because this habit can remove their natural oils. Remember to drink water and apply some moisturizing lip balm before a photo so that your lips appear at their best and are not unattractively dried out.